Sunday, January 18, 2009

What role do YOU want when we make history?

Things are coming together beautifully. We have now two great potential venues, both with a high likelihood of supporting the event. We have a creative juicy collaboration going with Twiistup (such awesome people running that). And if you're like me you're starting to imagine how great this thing could turn out to be.

  • What if the amazing Agape community got excited about it?
  • What if we could get USC and UCLA to have events and compete on fundraising?
  • What if we even exceeded the $25K that Toronto raised in 13 days in December?
  • What if we got Jack Black or @aplusk to spread the word and come party with us?
Now is the time to step up. The event is starting to come together, and we need your help to really wrassle the pieces into position so we can blast the media and the twitter viral grapevine.

Comment or email us directly at If you comment please make sure you leave a way to reach you - twitter or email.

One in six people on earth doesn't have clean drinking water. Let's wipe that out.

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