Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help us find a venue or high-profile guests!

The Twestival L.A. miracles have been continuing. Some great new volunteers have joined the team and we are coming up with more killer ideas on partnering with Twiistup. Every day I'm meeting people who want to help, want to come, and are inspired by the vision.

Now we need two key things.

  1. A venue. Twestival London sold 500 tickets in an hour yesterday. We think Twestival L.A. will have about 800-1000 guests, so we're looking for a place that can hold a crowd that size. Know someone who runs a venue? Know someone who knows someone? Call them, tell them about Twestival, send them to the website, get them excited. Quadruple bonus points for venues on the Westside.

  2. Famous guests. If you're BFF's with Madonna, invite her. Even having one or two well-known guests confirmed for the event will make it much easier to get a venue and to get sponsors help cover event costs.

You might be asking "How do I explain Twestival to someone?" I'd have them watch this PSA with Jennifer Connolly. That puts charity:water in immediate perspective. Then point them to

That explains Twestival. But for Twestival L.A. right now, we are the message. This is a grassroots event, and we are creating it as we go. In Toronto they raised $25K and had 600 people at an event that took 13 days to organize. Tell your friends why you're excited, ask them to come and to help in any way they can. Follow us on twitter and tweet about the event. Let's make something amazing happen in the way that only L.A. can.

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