Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're official, who's in?

OK, as of about oh...20 hours ago I spoke with @amanda in London and we are a GO to rock the global clean water access situation. In the way that only SoCal can.

I'm gonna go be super-dad for with my daughter for a while. Please read the next post and comment with your skills, your vision, your twitter name, etc.

  • We could really use anyone with a good relationship with Twiistup. Their event is the same night and I'm hoping we wind up coLABOrating not comPETing. If you are buds with them let's talk about how the two events can work together.
  • Check out the charity:water and twestival sites. Inpsiring.
  • Tweet it up! As of now we're behind the other big world cities, and I know that in the end we will rock it epically. But we need volunteers and some grassroots leadership.

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