Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vision, Hustle, Results. Rinse and repeat baby!

I really liked an article that @garyvee linked to today. Talking about how if you love what you do, you're not trying to smush it into "working less." So it's 2:45am, I love what we're doin, and I wanted to add a lil mo' to it.

Yesterday I named @ebenpagan as someone whose support I thought would be great for the event. At that time, 10am, I had no relationship with Eben. None, zero, nothing. Last night we had dinner, today he tweeted about the event.

I also said I thought the relationship with Twiistup was key, and the fantastic Amy, unbeknowst to me, had it all happnin' already.

I wanted and got some awesome phone time and tweeting support from @TheEntertainer, @heathervescent and @lkr

So, if I may summarize, BOO YAH!

That was today's Vision, Hustle, Results. Let's rinse n repeat.

Here's what I'd like to manifest next:

Some key Event Ninja's:
  • A PR/Media Ninja to blast the word all over L.A.
  • Sponsorship Ninja to bag the mad swag that we give to our attendees
  • Event production Ninja to make the trains run on time
  • Venue Ninja to find the perfect venue. (Hmmm...CrashLA maybe...I wonder)
  • Volunteer Coordinator Ninja to keep all the other ninja's happy (so key!)
  • Website Ninja (I think Amy has mad skillz here)
I'd also like to get evangelism from:
  • @garyvee
  • @melcoach
  • @AlexisNeely
  • @chrisbrogan
  • @GuyKawasaki
Also, I should see about getting a bit more sleep. Life is a marathon, not a sprint right? But I should add, since I took on coordinating Twestival L.A., I have gotten more done in my business and personal life than before. No accident.

PLEASE COMMENT Y'ALL! Tell us how you can help, where we should hold it, your vision, etc. THANKS!

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