Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help us find a venue or high-profile guests!

The Twestival L.A. miracles have been continuing. Some great new volunteers have joined the team and we are coming up with more killer ideas on partnering with Twiistup. Every day I'm meeting people who want to help, want to come, and are inspired by the vision.

Now we need two key things.

  1. A venue. Twestival London sold 500 tickets in an hour yesterday. We think Twestival L.A. will have about 800-1000 guests, so we're looking for a place that can hold a crowd that size. Know someone who runs a venue? Know someone who knows someone? Call them, tell them about Twestival, send them to the website, get them excited. Quadruple bonus points for venues on the Westside.

  2. Famous guests. If you're BFF's with Madonna, invite her. Even having one or two well-known guests confirmed for the event will make it much easier to get a venue and to get sponsors help cover event costs.

You might be asking "How do I explain Twestival to someone?" I'd have them watch this PSA with Jennifer Connolly. That puts charity:water in immediate perspective. Then point them to

That explains Twestival. But for Twestival L.A. right now, we are the message. This is a grassroots event, and we are creating it as we go. In Toronto they raised $25K and had 600 people at an event that took 13 days to organize. Tell your friends why you're excited, ask them to come and to help in any way they can. Follow us on twitter and tweet about the event. Let's make something amazing happen in the way that only L.A. can.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What role do YOU want when we make history?

Things are coming together beautifully. We have now two great potential venues, both with a high likelihood of supporting the event. We have a creative juicy collaboration going with Twiistup (such awesome people running that). And if you're like me you're starting to imagine how great this thing could turn out to be.

  • What if the amazing Agape community got excited about it?
  • What if we could get USC and UCLA to have events and compete on fundraising?
  • What if we even exceeded the $25K that Toronto raised in 13 days in December?
  • What if we got Jack Black or @aplusk to spread the word and come party with us?
Now is the time to step up. The event is starting to come together, and we need your help to really wrassle the pieces into position so we can blast the media and the twitter viral grapevine.

Comment or email us directly at If you comment please make sure you leave a way to reach you - twitter or email.

One in six people on earth doesn't have clean drinking water. Let's wipe that out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vision, Hustle, Results. Rinse and repeat baby!

I really liked an article that @garyvee linked to today. Talking about how if you love what you do, you're not trying to smush it into "working less." So it's 2:45am, I love what we're doin, and I wanted to add a lil mo' to it.

Yesterday I named @ebenpagan as someone whose support I thought would be great for the event. At that time, 10am, I had no relationship with Eben. None, zero, nothing. Last night we had dinner, today he tweeted about the event.

I also said I thought the relationship with Twiistup was key, and the fantastic Amy, unbeknowst to me, had it all happnin' already.

I wanted and got some awesome phone time and tweeting support from @TheEntertainer, @heathervescent and @lkr

So, if I may summarize, BOO YAH!

That was today's Vision, Hustle, Results. Let's rinse n repeat.

Here's what I'd like to manifest next:

Some key Event Ninja's:
  • A PR/Media Ninja to blast the word all over L.A.
  • Sponsorship Ninja to bag the mad swag that we give to our attendees
  • Event production Ninja to make the trains run on time
  • Venue Ninja to find the perfect venue. (Hmmm...CrashLA maybe...I wonder)
  • Volunteer Coordinator Ninja to keep all the other ninja's happy (so key!)
  • Website Ninja (I think Amy has mad skillz here)
I'd also like to get evangelism from:
  • @garyvee
  • @melcoach
  • @AlexisNeely
  • @chrisbrogan
  • @GuyKawasaki
Also, I should see about getting a bit more sleep. Life is a marathon, not a sprint right? But I should add, since I took on coordinating Twestival L.A., I have gotten more done in my business and personal life than before. No accident.

PLEASE COMMENT Y'ALL! Tell us how you can help, where we should hold it, your vision, etc. THANKS!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What brought you here?

Yesterday was a fantastic day for Twestival L.A. I linked up with @kamylynn who has already been having good conversations with the Twiistup people. So great to hear she's got that happening. That was awesome news.

Also wound up at a spontaneous tweetup with some really cool local Tweeters. I think they can help get the word out. Talked to @heathervescent today and she's going to spread the word, but here's today's $64,000 question:

What brought you here today? Wanna see everyone have access to clean drinking water? Want to help bring the L.A. community together? Wanna see how much fun we can have doing it?

In Toronto they raised $25K and had 600 people at a party that took 13 days to organize. What do you want to see in L.A. on February 12th, and how can you help? 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're official, who's in?

OK, as of about oh...20 hours ago I spoke with @amanda in London and we are a GO to rock the global clean water access situation. In the way that only SoCal can.

I'm gonna go be super-dad for with my daughter for a while. Please read the next post and comment with your skills, your vision, your twitter name, etc.

  • We could really use anyone with a good relationship with Twiistup. Their event is the same night and I'm hoping we wind up coLABOrating not comPETing. If you are buds with them let's talk about how the two events can work together.
  • Check out the charity:water and twestival sites. Inpsiring.
  • Tweet it up! As of now we're behind the other big world cities, and I know that in the end we will rock it epically. But we need volunteers and some grassroots leadership.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're off!

As I write this the Twestival organizers in London are still deciding who they want to officially head up Twestival L.A. In the meantime let's take advantage of the wait by starting to identify who's interested and what skills we can offer.

Ultimately as I understand it any LA Twestival content will migrate on to an official WordPress blog, but since the event is less than a month away let's just start here for now and we'll all jump over to WordPress shortly.

I don't know if that announcement will be in 2 hours or 1 day (a long time in the Twitterverse), but I suggest for now that we do not start brainstorming ideas for what our event will look like. Let's just focus on who wants to help and how. EDIT: Bah, if you're stoked about an idea then go for it, put it up :)

In comments please include:

1 - your twitter name
2 - skills you can offer
3 - (optional) what turns you on about Twestival or making LA Twestival awesome