Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're off!

As I write this the Twestival organizers in London are still deciding who they want to officially head up Twestival L.A. In the meantime let's take advantage of the wait by starting to identify who's interested and what skills we can offer.

Ultimately as I understand it any LA Twestival content will migrate on to an official WordPress blog, but since the event is less than a month away let's just start here for now and we'll all jump over to WordPress shortly.

I don't know if that announcement will be in 2 hours or 1 day (a long time in the Twitterverse), but I suggest for now that we do not start brainstorming ideas for what our event will look like. Let's just focus on who wants to help and how. EDIT: Bah, if you're stoked about an idea then go for it, put it up :)

In comments please include:

1 - your twitter name
2 - skills you can offer
3 - (optional) what turns you on about Twestival or making LA Twestival awesome



  1. 1. twitter/ajpape

    2. Skills - calling venues, keeping team morale high, recruiting for team, networking into the DJ community, evangelizing the event, asking suppliers to donate stuff, LA council contact

    3. I love the people on Twitter, love helping the Charity:Water, love the idea of a big party and/or related events, and love the idea of bringing LA's unique style and joi de vivre to such a fun worthy event!

  2. 1. twitter/la_nicola
    2. Skills -- recruiting, publicizing, finding venues, whatever -- i'm a journalist and event producer. I can do whatever you need.
    3. Had my students at SMC do their class project on twitter this fall. Most exciting to see them talk about the experience of voting for the first time and the elections. I think issues work well on Twitter, and I do love the water.

  3. 1. Twitter/missnakaji
    2. Skills -- access to a large So Cal network of student business organization, FBLA-PBL (both high school and college) that could provide manpower (volunteers), can help create awareness on their campuses, and etc.; promoting the event to other So Cal metros, including the OC and the IE; I'm just a social media savvy student leader so I can't offer too much by way of high profile networks or event space connections...but I do want to help in some way. I will work hard for you so feel free to put me to work!

    3. I am in love with large events that simply bring people together. I love that feeling of community and being connected by a single thread that would not normally have us cross paths. This is one of the reasons why I am starting to become so passionate about social media. Combining social media and an important cause such as this is just amazing and I have to be a part of it...even if it's just as an attendee

  4. 1.Twitter/TinyWave
    2. I have a lot of experience working in training and team building events for corporations (in a telecommunications company called TELMEX for Prodigy Internet INFINITUM) and consulting companies in my home country, México. I´m a very energetic, hard-working and motivated person.(I'm recently married and 'cause of love I came to live to L.A. with my husband 9 months ago. Now I´m been doing things in my new community!)

    3.- I'm really interesting in being part of Twestival. Water is priority number one!!
    I´m a surfer too and I'm always thinking about this vital element.
    I love technology and contact with people.For me it is really important to help in philanthropic causes and to share with others the same feeling of taking care of our planet! No matter what position I´m going to play. I just want to be there. =)