Friday, January 16, 2009

What brought you here?

Yesterday was a fantastic day for Twestival L.A. I linked up with @kamylynn who has already been having good conversations with the Twiistup people. So great to hear she's got that happening. That was awesome news.

Also wound up at a spontaneous tweetup with some really cool local Tweeters. I think they can help get the word out. Talked to @heathervescent today and she's going to spread the word, but here's today's $64,000 question:

What brought you here today? Wanna see everyone have access to clean drinking water? Want to help bring the L.A. community together? Wanna see how much fun we can have doing it?

In Toronto they raised $25K and had 600 people at a party that took 13 days to organize. What do you want to see in L.A. on February 12th, and how can you help? 


  1. Hi!

    What brought me here?
    -@ebenpagan's tweet.

    What do I want to see in LA?
    -I want to see a spirit of community and caring for the common man. I want to see people stop caring too much about themselves and more about a cause much larger and greater than them. I want to see the selfishness so typical of this city dissipate for just a short while.

    How can I help?
    -You tell me!

  2. Amara I love your vision!

    Let's talk on DM or gtalk, I sent you a chat request. Whatever your skills and passion are, I know they'd be a huge asset to L.A. on Feb 12!